Jun 10

House Party

Okay not really… just my theme music while writing this post. Chase is over at a neighbor’s having a guys night and I finally get time to sit down and write an update. Fitting, I turn on my music and “House Party” by Sam Hunt was playing, since I’m rocking out to music and doing my own thing while the kiddos sleep. If you couldn’t guess, since my last post was in February we’ve been a bit busy. I know – always my excuse.

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Feb 16

Snow for Valentine’s

So in keeping with the theme of well, winter, we have a short-lived snowstorm that started Valentine’s evening and into President’s Day. All in all, about 2 inches of fluffy white stuff – which was followed by sleet, freezing rain, then a downpour of rain and a warm up to 50+°F by Tuesday. According to a local weather guy, we can be somewhat correct somewhat of the time – we have two more potential threats of winter storms before spring should arrive. Hopefully they just bring rain because I think I’m done with snow for the year.


Last week Caylee and Michael helped me get my pepper seeds started. We’re planting a wide variety of peppers this year including peach habanero, cayene blend, lilac bell, Caribbean chili and habanero blend, big bertha bell, New Mexico anaheim, and boldog paprika. Those should take about 8 weeks to germinate. Plus we started some cantaloupe so they can get decent enough size to hopefully yield good fruit this year. Next, to find some roma tomatoes, zucchini and yellow squash. And for the weather to warm up so Chase can really till up the garden box this year. Last year, I didn’t till very well before planing my tomatoes and the tomato hornworms ate up all three plants I had – boo!


Otherwise, it’s been a fairly quiet month. Caylee and Michael continue to enjoy their swim lessons at our local YMCA. I had my first craft fair for my Etsy shop items and revamped all of my listings so they show up in searches more frequently. But best of all, Chase passed his VCP550-DCP meaning he is a VMWare certified professional now! Super awesome for him and a big accomplishment!

Jan 30

Snowpacalypse 2016

So as many of you may know, we got snowed on last weekend. Snow started about 9:30 am on Friday, Jan 22. It quit Friday evening around 5-6 pm after about 5-6 inches. Pretty decent, typical snowstorm for Richmond. It turned to sleet, much earlier than expected and everyone expected that to be it. But then Saturday, the snow wrapped back around and we got dumped on. In fact, by the time we went to bed Saturday night, our deck was showing 16″ – which includes the compaction of Friday’s snow from the sleet. Talk about big snow for Richmond. In fact, according to Richmond Times Dispatch it was the 11th worst snowstorm in Richmond’s history. Although, Mom and Dad O got it much worse than we did since they’re outside of DC – which saw around 24″ of powder.

Needless to say, we watched our nephew Bentley to allow Chase’s sister and brother-in-law to work emergency shifts at work – busy answering 911 calls for the county. It was fun having three kids in the house who could play together and I’m sure the kids loved having their cousin around. We did take the kids out briefly here and there to play in the snow. On Friday, we only put one layer of gloves on the kids and they were pretty much done after about 1 slide down the hill and 10 minutes. Caylee warmed up a little to the snow on Sunday, by eating it. Michael started enjoying sledding down the hill, but didn’t really like the walks back up the hill. I took Monday off of work to build a snowman with the kids.

All in all, we survived Snowpacalypse 2016. Now can it be spring yet?

Dec 16

A Whirlwind of a Year

The year 2015 has been a whirlwind of a year. I feel like I just made the halfway through post, but another several months have passed and I’ve completely forgotten to keep up with this blog. A too long, didn’t read of it: we’re doing well, the kids are growing, and the dogs are still yapping.

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Jul 02

Halfway Through 2015

Oops! I guess I’ve been bad this year, I let the whole first half of the year slip by without a post! In a nutshell, we celebrated Christmas with Mom and Dad O. Had a few snow days in February. Michael got tubes in March. The Easter bunny visited us at Mom and Dad O’s house early April. We monkeyed around for Michael’s first birthday! And Caylee finished her first year of Pre-K in the Montessori program at daycare. Read the rest of this entry »

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